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Less than two weeks after refusing to allow his Republican colleagues to circulate a letter calling on S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford to resign, S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell has sent this own letter to the governor doing just that.

Harrell sent a letter to Sanford’s office today urging the governor to step down “for the benefit of the people of South Carolina.”

“It is with great thought and much trepidation that I feel compelled to send you this letter requesting that you resign from the office of Governor of South Carolina,” Harrell wrote to Sanford. “The events of the past several months have brought to light disturbing facts regarding you and your administration. More importantly, these events and your handling of these events have created an environment that makes it impossible for you to continue to lead our state.”

Much trepidation?

Hmmm … wonder what Harrell means by that.

Last week, Harrell commissioned an internal Caucus poll that found support for Sanford among the Republican House members to be virtually nonexistent.

Developing …


Harrell Letter to Sanford