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elephant wash

National Republicans have been granted something of an image reprieve by the socialist overreaching of President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats – but don’t think for a second that voters have forgotten the GOP betrayal of fiscal conservatism that ushered in the age of “The One.”

In fact, according to the results of a recent Rasmussen poll, GOP voters are still mad as hell at their “Republican” elected officials.

Those results – published Tuesday – show that a whopping 74% of GOP voters believe Republicans in Congress have “lost touch with GOP voters nationwide over the last several years.”¬† Worse still, less than 18% of GOP voters believe that Republicans in Congress have done a good job “representing the base.”

In other words, when you hear one of these cookie-cutter Republicans bitching and moaning about Obamacare, et al., you might want to check their resume …

It’s easy to complain about the “other guy” wasting money, but the fact remains that 21st Century Republicans have yet to prove they deserve¬† to be trusted with it, either.