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tim scott is laid back

Can you hear the “Gin-n-Juice” bass line right now?

Because we can …

And while S.C. Rep. Tim Scott obviously isn’t “rollin’ down the street smokin’ indo,” he clearly has his “mind on his money (and his money on his mind),” at least according to documents filed today with the State Ethics Commission.  The Lowcountry Representative – who last fall became the first African-American Republican to be elected in South Carolina in a long, long time – raised a whopping $150,000 in his first ten days as a candidate.

That’s gubernatorial-level money, people, and it likely gives Scott sole possession of front-runner status in the Republican race for the state’s No. 2 job – for whatever that’s worth.

Also running for “lite gov?” S.C. Rep Ted Pitts (R-Lexington), Orangeburg attorney (and Afghan vet) Bill Connor and Florence businessman Ken Ard, who for the purposes of this article requires no parenthesis.

Former S.C. Rep. Ralph Norman (R-Rock Hill) was considering a bid, but then decided to run for his old House seat instead.

Unlike Mrs. Sic – who is undying in her affection for Tim Scott – we’ve waxed and waned with him.  Hopefully, he’ll use this campaign to prove he’s a true change agent and not just another “go along  to get along” politician.  If he’s truly committed to the conservative cause, Tim could be something special, people.

Incidentally, Scott is likely as clueless about that “Gin-n-Juice” reference as most of the older white folks sitting in the Cracker Barrel restaurants where he likes to hang out, so permit us to drop some knowledge on all y’all …

And yes, Tim, this is the PG version of the song (in your honor) …