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Remember back when University of Miami football players were getting locked up pretty much every week?

Oh wait … that still happens? Our bad …

Anyway, remember back when University of Miami football players were getting locked up pretty much every week but the Canes were winning beaucoup football games each year (like the 2001 Sugar Bowl over Steve Spurrier’s Florida Gators, for example)?

Well, at the University of South Carolina, Spurrier’s players have got the whole “getting locked up” thing down pat, it’s winning football games that’s been the problem.

Sadly, South Carolina has been every bit as mediocre under Spurrier as it was before he arrived five years ago, with back-to-back late-season collapses (and losses to Vanderbilt) sapping fans’ support and patience. Of course, that didn’t stop the school’s asinine Athletic Department from slapping a new surcharge on its long-suffering season ticket holders.

Because paying “more for less” is pretty much par for the course at (in) South Carolina.

Anyway, one of the few players we were actually looking forward to watching this season is 6’8″, 281-pound defensive end Clifton Geathers, who emerged as a defensive standout for the Gamecocks last season.

With his combination of speed, strength and agility, Geathers created havoc in opposing backfields … sort of like he created havoc with the Columbia Police Department over the weekend (allegedly).

According to The State newspaper’s Joseph Person, Geathers was involved in a brawl outside a Columbia, S.C. night club early Sunday morning, and is now facing three charges after he did not “go gently into that good police cruiser.”

Here’s a look at Geathers’ mug shot …

geathers mug shot

Nice, huh?

There’s no word yet on what consequences may be in store for the 21-year-old junior, but our guess is he’ll likely miss South Carolina’s season opener on September 3 in Raleigh against the N.C. State Wolfpack. And probably more games, depending on the resolution of the charges against him.

Also on Sunday, USC’s highly-touted freshman tailback Jarvis Giles was involved in an “early morning altercation” with a female student in a campus dorm.

No word yet on his status or the details of that incident.

Ah, August arrests … as predictable at this school as October collapses.

Oh, and to our buds over at Palmetto Scoop … you guys might want to rethink your intro on this story – or stick to writing fluff pieces for Henry McMaster (i.e. what you’re good at).

Geathers is a defensive end, not an offensive lineman.

Seriously, a blog’s gotta know it’s limitations.

Pic: Travis Bell, Sideline Carolina
Mug: Alvin Glenn (Richland County, S.C.) Detention Center