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In a nod to his charisma deficiency disorder (and the fact that his Democratic minority effectively runs state government), S.C. House Minority Leader Harry Ott has decided not to run for governor, according to La Socialista (a.k.a. The State newspaper).

In announcing his decision, Ott endorsed State Sen. Vincent Sheheen, who was widely-viewed as the front-runner in the race until uber-connected lobbyist Dwight Drake and S.C. Superintendent of Education Jim Rex both jumped in.

“South Carolina is at a pivotal juncture,” Ott Said Tuesday. “I believe it’s time we elect a governor we can all be proud of — one who has the character and integrity to help this great state find its way again. Vincent Sheheen is that person. I am excited to endorse Vincent Sheheen for governor of South Carolina, and I will work to help him get elected.”

Also running for the Democratic nomination are S.C. Senator Robert Ford and Charleston Attorney Mullins McLeod.