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We’d like to state for the record that we do not have – nor have we ever had – the ability to create or edit Wikipedia pages.

Are you kidding, people? If we such God-like control, there would be a FITSNews page, and a Sic Willie page … oh, oh, and a Will Folks page that redirected to the Sic Willie page, which redirected to this FITSNews page and vice versa.

Wikipedia would be all about us, in other words, and we would populate it daily with fawning references to how awesome we were … err, are.

In other words, we would make our Wikipedia page as shamelessly self-promoting as the Wikipedia page of S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell …

Bobby has poured his heart and soul into helping people. His diligent work on property tax relief for homeowners, his efforts toward improving education and the opportunities for South Carolina’s children, and his sponsorship of major economic development legislation have not gone unnoticed. Numerous state and national organizations have honored him for his service. But Bobby isn’t striving for recognition. He’s striving for positive change in the communities he serves and in the state as a whole.

Yeah … vomit. Thankfully, though, in the wake of our story last Thursday, that nausea-inducing fluffage has been yanked from the Internet.

In its place? A much more objective assessment of Speaker Harrell’s “service” to the state …

Among Harrell’s biggest focuses has been in the area of hydrogen and fuel cell research – claiming that “South Carolina is on the edge of what could become a multitrillion-dollar industry over the next 20 years – the beginning of a hydrogen revolution.” However, results have been sketchy, according to the South Carolina Policy Council. More than $40 million in tax dollars have been invested in hydrogen research in the South Carolina Midlands alone, with the net result being the creation of a couple hundred jobs, according to information released by the Speaker’s Office.

Wow … what a difference. The story also includes several new links documenting Harrell’s failed “government first” approach to economic development.

So … whose Wikipedia page should we recommend be “de-fluffed” next?