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usc law school

Bono couldn’t live “With or Without You,” but in the case of the University of South Carolina Law School, “With or Without Sic” seems to be the more appropriate title.

That’s because South Carolina’s most prestigious (cough) law school can’t seem to resolve its “Sicophrenia” – or alternating love and hatred for our controversial founding editor.

You would think with the consistent pounding we’ve administered to the hapless Charleston School of Law (CSOL) that anybody even remotely affiliated with USC’s law school would be exceedingly grateful to us. After all, we’ve exposed their top in-state rival relentlessly, using nothing but the ammunition provided to us by the state’s highest court.

“Don’t be pissed at me,” Sic remarked to a testy questioner during a recent speech to CSOL students in Charleston. “Be pissed at the Supreme Court of South Carolina.”

“I’m not the one who threw out a whole section of the bar exam,” Sic said . “Seriously, if you’re going to throw a softball like that right down the middle of the plate … well, I’m not Barry Bonds, but I can hit that.”

And for his efforts, Sic is indeed beloved by legions of USC law school students – including two of the fairer sex who may or may not have smooched each other for his enjoyment at a Columbiam S.C.-area Mexican eatery recently.

Yeah, boyeee!!!

Apparently, though, that level of affection is not shared by members of the law school faculty – which now that we think of it  is a good thing.

After all, we don’t want to see Walter F. Pratt and Robert M. Wilcox make out with each other … not even a little bit. In fact, we have looked through the faculty directory at the USC law school and have concluded there is absolutely NO one we want to see make out with any one else … period.

In other words, “there ain’t nothin’ you got that we need.”

And while we’re sure thanks of any sort isn’t likely to be forthcoming, our founding editor does have a simple message for the USC law school.

“You’re welcome.”