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We know, we know … we couldn’t believe it either.

South Carolina’s so-called “business community” actually has one leader who isn’t bowing before the altar of big government and “schlobbing commie knob” like those socialist sycophants over at the S.C. Chamber of Commerce. His name? Lewis Gossett, head of the S.C. Manufacturers’ Alliance.

For whatever reason – and yes, we’re a little bit afraid to ask – Gossett’s Facebook updates have become the lovely Mrs. Sic‘s primary source of political wisdom (you know, since she doesn’t read FITS).

Anyway, here’s Gossett’s latest missive:

Cash for clunkers — another great idea. Take my tax money and help other people buy cars. Here’s a thought — let me keep more of my own money, and i might decide to buy a car on my own — when I can afford it. I know. These are radical thoughts.

Indeed they are, Mr. Gossett. Indeed they are.

Of course try telling that to the rest of South Carolina’s “business community.”