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S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford wanted the public to see her walking out of the S.C. Governor’s Mansion and moving her family back to Sullivans Island, S.C. last Friday, sources close to the situation tell FITS.

Originally, the First Lady was scheduled to have her belongings and the belongings of her children moved out of the S.C. Governor’s Mansion in late July – while the family was still vacationing in Europe.

Obviously, such a move would have gone virtually unnoticed … in other words a far cry from the media spectacle that ensued last Friday after FITS first reported that the First Lady was moving herself and her family out of the mansion and enrolling her sons in Charleston-area schools this fall.

And although we were first to report on these developments, FITS obviously wasn’t the only media outlet that was tipped off about Mrs. Sanford’s impending departure …

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Six weeks ago, Gov. Mark Sanford publicly admitted to having an affair with his Argentine lover, Maria Belen Chapur. He has since admitted to “crossing lines” with other women, and while his wife has refused to stand by him publicly, she did intervene behind the scenes at a critical point in the crisis to keep him in the Governor’s Office.

Why would she save his political hide then and bail on him now?

According to our sources, the answer is simple: Sanford refuses to stop corresponding with his Argentine lover.

Sources close to the couple tell FITS that as soon as Sanford’s job was deemed “safe,” he began communicating with Chapur again almost immediately.

In fact, Sanford was allegedly caught communicating with Chapur shortly after returning from a five-day trip to Texas with the First Lady in mid-July, a trip that was specifically arranged to facilitate a reconciliation in the Sanfords’ marriage. You’ll also recall that prior to the governor leaving on his ill-fated trip to Argentina in June, Mrs. Sanford also told him to stop seeing Chapur – a warning that clearly went unheeded.

Like the rest of South Carolina, Mrs. Sanford found out about her husband’s trip to Argentina through the news media.

The latest Chapur-related “flare-up” between the governor and First Lady occured shortly after the couple returned to Columbia on July 20 from their Texas trip. That’s when sources say it became abundantly clear that the governor was not serious about reconciling his marriage – but was very serious about rekindling his affair with Chapur.

“He got caught contacting (Chapur) again,” a source inside the Governor’s Mansion told FITS, adding that “the screaming matches (between the Sanfords) were intense” after the governor reportedly admitted as much to the First Lady.

That’s when Mrs. Sanford reportedly decided to turn what would have been a quiet departure from the Governor’s Mansion into a “public humiliation” of her philandering husband.

“She wanted you to see this,” one source said.

Mrs. Sanford did agree to participate in the previously-scheduled European vacation – which concluded last week – out of respect for her children.

Stay tuned for additional details …