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barrett losers

U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett will launch a statewide “listening tour” next week in support of his 2010 GOP gubernatorial bid, dramatically ramping up the “cheese factor” of an already hackneyed, bromidic campaign.

(Let’s pause for a moment while Barrett and his staffers look up “hackneyed” and “bromidic” in the dictionary).

Dubbed “Barrett Means Business,” the tour across South Carolina will consist of the Barrett ‚Äúlistening and gathering the best ideas from our brightest business and community leaders …” you know, because South Carolina’s “business and community leaders” have been doing such a bang-up job of creating employment opportunities in this state.

Anyway, here’s a gripping preview of the “Barrett Means Business” tour from the Tin Foil Hat Times (a.k.a. Anderson Independent-Mail) …

U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett will travel the state in a motorcoach next week, listening to what people have to say.


Seriously, people. Wow.

Aside from the fact that “listening tours” are totally inane, cookie cutter political ploys used by candidates who don’t have any original ideas of their own, haven’t the people of South Carolina already told Barrett exactly what they think of him?

Like, vociferously?

(Let’s pause again while Barrett and his staffers look up “vociferously” in the dictionary).

Oh well, at least Barrett isn’t forcing the taxpayers to pick up the tab for this latest example of pointless political propaganda.