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ms cry

S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford returned to the Carolinas Wednesday and you won’t believe the first thing he did …

He made a beeline to the nearest television camera and immediately began talking about “forgiveness” and “earning back the trust” of the people of South Carolina.

Shocking, huh?

“Looks like it’s time to get in touch with our ‘inner governor’ again,” one Palmetto political observer told FITS.

Seriously, people … Sanford must have been Jonesing pretty hard for some media attention. After all, it had been two weeks since the Luv Gov last indulged in a little “therapy by journalist.”

As reported first by FITS, Sanford spent the last two weeks tooling around Europe with his family – which is obviously what you’d expect anybody serious about earning back the trust of South Carolina to do. Prior to that trip, Sanford took a five-day vacation with his wife, Jenny Sanford, at an undisclosed location.

Must be nice, huh?