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Leave it to the nimrods in charge of the University of South Carolina Athletic Department to screw up the ONLY thing their football program does well … which is run out on the football field.

From 850 The Buzz:

The South Carolina Gamecocks are putting the finishing touches on renovations at Williams-Brice Stadium. Officials wanted to give the locker room and lobby areas of their facilities a certain “wow factor”, adding amenities such as flat screen TVs.

The pièce de résistance — a cast-bronze sculpture of a fighting gamecock. South Carolina envisions a new tradition on game days similar to those at Clemson, Maryland, NC State and any other school that touches some marker as they run on to the field. But only in Columbia do they think a bunch of dudes rubbing a large ‘Cock prior to team activities is a good idea.


As much as we hate to say it, this is precisely the sort of bad press that these mediocrity-perpetuating, ticket price-raising, traditionless athleticrats deserve.

Remember, people … this is a program that sucks so bad it feels compelled to celebrate first downs. First friggin’ downs …

Seriously, why can’t the Shamecocks just jog out onto the field quietly with no smoke and mirrors, no blaring loudspeakers, no raising the roof, no trash talking, no rubbing of anything or dancing around like a bunch of idiots and just win some f*cking football games?

Is that too much to ask?

Bad ass pic: Travis Bell, Sideline Carolina