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If there’s some inbreded ass-clownishness going down somewhere in South Carolina (and surprise surprise, there usually is), the smart money is on Anderson County elected officials being at its epicenter.

Seriously, people. “The Land That Time Forgot” is a lot like Mayberry County … except with a strong whiff of Downs.

The latest example? Accidental shootings of county council members.

From the Tin Foil Hat Times (a.k.a. Anderson Independent-Mail):

Anderson County Council member Gracie Floyd was released from the hospital Friday after what Sheriff John Skipper said was an accidental shooting.

Skipper said preliminary investigation indicated that Floyd’s cousin, Oscar Davis, 58, was inspecting a .40-caliber handgun when it accidentally fired as he was passing it to Floyd. The bullet grazed a finger on Davis’ left hand before entering the back of Floyd’s leg, Skipper said.

Speaking of Anderson County, we’re still waiting for an update on the story of disgraced former public school superintendent Gary L. Burgess, who was arrested for solicitation a few months back at a local park that is allegedly frequented by homosexuals.

Prior to getting busted, Burgess liked to brag about how tight he was with his “best friend,” S.C. Ways & Means Chairman Dan Cooper.

Hmmm ….

Obviously, we’re not accusing Burgess and Cooper of playing the “butt ball” (i.e. a favorite local sport) together, but we’ver heard some “favors” may have in fact been called in on this one.

Stay tuned …