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South Carolina’s “missing” governor is coming home …

After sparking a national uproar by taking an undisclosed hike along the Appalachian Trail (and not telling his wife, staff or security detail where he was), S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford will be back behind his desk in the State Capitol tomorrow.

Here’s the latest update from Sanford Communications Director Joel Sawyer …

Governor Sanford called to check in with his Chief of Staff this morning. It would be fair to say the governor was somewhat taken aback by all of the interest this trip has gotten.

Given the circumstances and the attention this has garnered, the governor communicated to us that he plans on returning to the office tomorrow.


Now lawmakers like Sen. Jake Knotts – who fanned the flames of this story – can get back to ignoring Sanford and dismissing all of his ideas for improving our state at their leisure.