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S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford is on an outdoors getaway with a few close friends, sources tell FITS.

The second-term Republican – whose absence turned into a national obsession earlier today – is at an undisclosed location in the continental U.S. with a group that has embarked on similar outdoor getaways in the past.

A specific location for Sanford’s party was provided to FITS, but we have been unable to independently confirm it at this point.

This same group of friends reportedly went dove hunting in Argentina at approximately this time last year, our sources say, and the secrecy surrounding their getaways is such that even the wives of the participants are unaware of their husbands’ locations.

Obviously, that would explain First Lady Jenny Sanford’s comments indicating that she did not know where her husband was.

Sanford’s office declined to comment on the trip, referring to their previous statements about the governor’s absence.

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Update – And there he is

Update IIOh brother