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S.C. lawmakers would argue that Republican Gov. Mark Sanford has been “AWOL” politically for some time now, but this week sources say the maverick, libertarian-leaning chief executive has gone “Absent Without Leave” for real.

Sources tell FITS that Sanford has disappeared after reportedly “ditching” his security detail last Thursday evening.

Reporters across South Carolina are scurrying to find out what happened, with several state officials stoking suspicion as to the governor’s whereabouts.

The governor’s office could not immediately comment on Sanford’s location, saying only that FITS was “not the first” news outlet to inquire as to the whereabouts of the governor.

Sanford does not release a public schedule, making his movements difficult to track.

The governor has been known to ditch his detail in the past, particularly on out-of-town trips.

Developing …

Update – Here’s the latest.