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People Watching Is Fun




If you’ve never sat outside a Target store and “people watched,” you’re truly missing out.

Seriously, there’s something about Target that draws our kind of people … you know, unlike the mouthbreathers that shop at Wal Mart or, God forbid, K-Mart.

Anyway, ever since our founding editor was clued into the distinct social strata associated with chain retail shopping, Target has become a daily must-stop – and not just because of the store’s wide selection of soothing bath oils and skin lotions.

And while it doesn’t beat the “America’s Best Street Corner” (Middle and Station 22.5, Sullivans Island, S.C.), the “visual relief” that parades in front of the panoramic windows of the storefront cafe is always strong.

“Yuppie, sporty, hippie, grungy, preppy … you name it,” Sic says of the location. “It’s all there.”

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