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One of our “favoritest” South Carolina political websites is the Garnet Spy.

Unlike the vast majority of hyper-linked diarrhea that populates the Fifth Estate, the Spy has a way of putting things that’s fresh, creative and dead-on 99.9% of the time.  Plus he can spell.

Anyway, here’s an excerpt from the Spy’s latest offering, which mixes S.C. politics and a Sham-Wow commercial … (messy + clean) …

Hey Sandlappers! We’ve got some GREAT news!!

Your state has been the laughing stock of the nation for decades. It’s going to Hell in a peach basket.

Why? Because you’ve got a lousy school system, astronomical unemployment, an antiquated, racist-based constitution, an elitist legislature and hard-to-remove stains in your reputation.

Everyone knows that South Carolinians LOVE tradition, so we’re gonna help you maintain your heritage of under achievement.

Do you want to keep the same crappy school system? It can be yours for the low price of an uninformed vote.

The Spy, who hails from the Palmetto State incidentally, goes on to lampoon how that “uninformed vote” is costing South Carolina big time when it comes to taxes, spending, education … pretty much everything.

You can read the rest of this creative expression of frustration with the status quo by clicking here


It’s not just us, people …

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