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“DePassgate” Is Getting Ridiculous




The story that broke here on FITS last Friday about a racist comment made by S.C. Republican activist Rusty DePass continues to spiral out of control …

Yesterday, over fifty South Carolina lawmakers filed a resolution expressing their “dismay and regret” at DePass’ remark, which jokingly compared U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama to a gorilla that escaped last week from a Columbia, S.C. zoo.

Today, DePass appeared at a news conference called by the NAACP to apologize … again.

Here’s DePass’ statement, courtesy of

“I want to thank Dr. Randolph for giving me this opportunity to come here this morning. I am here today for one purpose, and that is to apologize in such a way that there can be no misunderstanding.

When I was asked about this on Friday, I apologized for it. I am truly sorry for any offense that I have caused. My remark was clearly inappropriate, and I apologize for writing it.

Since that time, I have written a letter of apology to Mrs. Obama and I have given Lonnie [Randolph] a copy of that letter, though I have made no effort to make it public.

My comment was offensive and a flippant remark made without thinking. It was wrong. It was foolish, and I deeply regret it and any pain it has produced.

I do not want to compound my indefensible words, other than to offer each of you, as I have Mrs. Obama, my complete and total apology and for any offense I have caused.

I have embarrassed myself, as well as my friends and associates, and the members of my family.

All I can do, is ask you to forgive me. Thank you, very much.”

Is it just us or is this is getting crazy, people?

Obviously what DePass said was awful (otherwise it wouldn’t have been a story in the first place), but didn’t he already apologize?

And what is the NAACP doing getting involved? Well, except to once again ignore its actual responsibilities to the black community to focus on the purely symbolic ones?

Most surprising of all is the news – reported by the Associated Press – that DePass resigned his position at a local real estate brokerage over this whole fiasco, which is just flat out crazy in our book.

Seriously, people. What gives?

He’s not an elected official – or even an appointed one – and while it goes without saying his remark was beyond the pale, is it really something he should have lost his job over?

Don’t get us wrong, we stand by our decision to break this story – but shouldn’t “DePassgate” have ended already?

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