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First of all, Middle Eastern girls are friggin’ hot.


In fact, we’d like to take this opportunity to state definitively, for the record, that any culture which forces its women to cover up but then lets a bunch of big-nosed, ignorant militant men walk around like they own the place doesn’t need to be “respected” or “appreciated,” it needs to be evaluated for mental illness.

And possibly bombed – at least the dudes.

Anyway, amid the ongoing protests in Tehran, Iran over last weekend’s election of hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmanidanidingdong (or whatever that camel shagger’s name is) we couldn’t help but notice one protester walking around with a sign calling Ahmanidanidingdong out for being a “lier.”

Wait, isn’t that the coin of the realm in Vatican City? Or the ancient Greek musical instrument?

Oh … “liar.” We got it.

Funny. Iranians spell about as good as native South Carolinians.