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We’ll be returning to the whole Gosselin family thing again tomorrow because like everyone else in the country, we watched the season premiere of “Jon & Kate Plus 8” last night and (surprise) we have some additional thoughts to offer on what we’re now simply referring to as the “Great National Drama …”

Seriously … we haven’t thought about the crappy economy in weeks!

In the meantime, since our founding editor’s man credentials have been called into question because of his Jon & Kate obession (actual Facebook message – “hey, maybe you and my wife can watch it together and do each other’s hair and nails and talk about boys”), he has ordered us to return to our roots.

Thankfully, Shauna Sand and Pam Anderson obliged by spending their respective Memorial Days on sunny beaches in skimpy bikinis.

Oh, and the pale chick in the middle is Sic crush Katy Perry, who we threw in there to remind you what boobs are ‘sposed to look like.

Ah, normalcy …

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