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It didn’t take long for Republicans in the South Carolina Senate to respond to the latest criticism directed at them from the office of fellow Republican Gov. Mark Sanford.

Confronted with a fairly matter-of-fact quote from Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer regarding their failure to deliver on several conservative agenda items, Senate GOP spokesman Wes Donehue pulled out his six-shooters and took aim …

“The Governor stampeded over our common agenda items on his way to the television cameras,” Donehue said. “Maybe his interviews should have concentrated on ways to lower our unemployment rate instead of petty personal attacks on Senators who have been trying to pass solid conservative legislation.”


“Hit dogs holler,” Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer said in response to Donehue’s quote.

Expect this back and forth to continue over the coming months as Republicans seek to assign blame for the lack of motion on key conservative issues.

Guess that’s to be expected, though, when only half of the party is actually “Republican …”