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Despite complaints from the haters and an official “cease and desist” email from the legal department at Def Jam records, our founding editor (and his legal team) stood by their decision to publish controversial photos of a woman alleged to be the songstress Rihanna.

We weren’t the only ones to publish these pictures, obviously, but we’re glad we didn’t let a little legal mumbo jumbo get in the way of this:


That’s right … we were cruising along at our usual 20,000-hits-a-day clip and then BAM!

Rihanna put our stats on Viagra, people, including a one day high of 90,000 hits!

That’s amazing – especially considering our “Star Stuff” section typically accounts for no more than 20% of our daily traffic – a stat Rihanna has completely turned on its ear.

Before all this we were convinced this Barbadian hottie was among the most sought-after starlets in the world – now we’re pretty sure she’s the most sought-after starlet in the world.

As Jay-Z says, “Rihanna, where you at!”