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In the ongoing battle between tweed-wearing intellectuals spouting Yo-bama’s soak-the-rich collectivism and train smoke hotties rising up to defend the values that made this country great, we’re gonna have to throw our lot in with the blonde.

In fact, we didn’t even have to think about it twice.

And while we’re already on record swooning on command inasmuch as it relates to the lovely Miss Ashley Herzog, we can’t help but love the fight she’s picked with America’s “Egghead Establishment” (a.k.a. all those college professors who were socialists before socialism was “cool” in this country).

Here’s round one and round two from Herzog’s regular column on

We particularly enjoyed this little ditty:

I’ve never walked into the first day of a class and heard a professor say, “You’re all entitled to a decent grade, no matter how poorly you perform.” Instead, one of their favorite lines is, “If you don’t come to class or do your homework, don’t come to me at the end of the quarter asking for extra credit.” Even the dedicated socialists don’t believe students are entitled to benefits they didn’t earn.

But they think turning America into a massive welfare state is a fabulous idea. They expect students to accept socialism as a morally superior system. (In my first sociology class, the assigned textbook stated as hard fact that America’s lack of government-run health care is a form of racism.)

Therefore, I have a challenge for professors who believe socialism works: try it out in your own classrooms. On the first day of class, tell your students, “I believe in equality for all people. At the end of the quarter, you’ll all receive more or less the same grade. And if you flunk all your tests, you’re actually entitled to extra points, because you must be a victim of our racist/sexist/classist society. That’s social justice, people!”

Like we said, “swoon.”

Now, given our longstanding obsession with Miss A, we’ve had several of you e-mail us asking if we’re contractually bound to link to Herzog’s columns.

We are. Sic Willie says so.

And while we’d like to tell you what Ashley receives in return, we’re guessing that Mrs. Sic may not approve …