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Taxpayer Field in New York City has officially seen its first streaker – an event preserved for posterity by a YouTube video in which the nude gentleman’s best friend/ videographer (who is white) decides to drop the “N” bomb in reference to his friend, who is also white.

In other words, it’s the epitome of class.

Seriously, why the hell do white people even bother calling themselves “N*gger?” Are they trying to compensate for the fact that they can’t jump, dance or truly pleasure a woman?

And yes, we know this ballpark is named after a firm that’s received billions in bailout dollars – we’re deliberately ignoring that.

In related news, Atlanta Braves’ pitcher Jair Jurrjens went 7.2 innings against the Mets last night for our founding editor’s fantasy team, giving up only 2 runs.

And since those two runs happened to come off the bat of our fantasy shortstop Jose Reyes, it was all-in-all a pretty good night.

By way of Deadspin, here’s the streaker video … (NSFW for the “N-bomb,” obviously) …