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The mayor of New York is “furious” after Barack Obama’s plane (minus Obama, of course) came screeching across the skies of Lower Manhattan this morning, scaring the ever-living sh*t out of thousands of New Yorkers and prompting the evacuation of dozens of buildings.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the Department of Defense-approved flyover – which evoked painful memories of the September 11 terrorist attacks – was “ill-conceived” and “a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

Apparently, though, somebody in the Obama administration wanted a picture of the preeminent symbol of American power soaring over the Statue of Liberty – which is pretty ironic considering America doesn’t give much of a rat’s ass about liberty anymore.

Or the taxpayers.

Which brings us to our main point – what the hell are we doing fueling up Air Force One for a friggin’ propaganda flight?

As “Shorty” likes to say, “is that necessary?”

Our government is borrowing trillions on top of trillions to bail out a bunch of recklessly irresponsible banks and wastefully unsustainable bureaucracies but the president’s plane can go joy-riding across the skies of Lower Manhattan for a photo op?

It’s like Goose told Maverick in Top Gun – “we’ve got no fuel for this!