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We’ve got a little bit of a sniffle this morning, which naturally means that we must have the “swine flu” – or whatever it is they’re calling the latest unwelcome visitor from South of the Rio Grande.

“Swine flu” has already killed over 100 in Mexico, and cases are popping up all over the would – including 20 confirmed cases here in America.

The disease has also spread as far away as Spain, Israel and New Zealand.

So what is “swine flu?”

Well, it’s a mutated form of influenza that combines elements of pig flu, bird flu and human flu.

In fact, the confirmed U.S. cases have four strains of flu – two from pigs, one from birds and one from humans.

The current outbreak is said to have originated from a pig farm in Mexico – where Asian and European pig flu strains mutated with North American strains to create, in essence, a brand new virus.

Fortunately, all 20 U.S. cases have recovered, but the shifting genetic composition of the disease means you have to get a brand new vaccination to protect yourself.