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Prior to the Federal Trade Commission pulling the plug on the Burnlounge pyramid scheme two years ago, several prominent personalities close to the University of South Carolina athletic program were allegedly making thousands of dollars a month off of this multi-level marketing scam.

Among them, reportedly, were former Gamecock quarterback Todd Ellis and running back Rob DeBoer, both of whom extensively promoted – and are alleged to have extensively profited from – this “service.”

After his role in the Burnlounge fiasco was exposed, DeBoer was let go from his position as the University’s sideline reporter.


Nothing happened to him.

Also reportedly in on the Burnlounge scam was Gamecock Marketer-in-Chief Liz McMillan, who is now at the center of a major scandal involving the firing of popular Gamecock radio announcer Mike Morgan.

According to sources who spoke with FITS on condition of anonymity, McMillan was making as much as $10,000 a month off of Burnlounge when it all came crashing down.

What does that have to do with Morgan’s firing?

Glad you asked.

Shortly before federal authorities shut Burnlounge down, sources tell FITS that Morgan had been offered a piece of the scam – which he refused.

In fact, this refusal reportedly led to the bad blood between Morgan and McMillan – who made the controversial recommendation a week ago to fire Morgan after the radio play-by-play man disputed his personal cable bill.

While there is no evidence to suggest that Morgan had any role in blowing the whistle on Burnlounge, there are numerous sources who have told us that McMillan and Ellis hold Morgan responsible for Burnlounge being exposed.

Obviously, that’s a motive to get someone fired for questionable cause, like a dispute over a cable bill that somehow morphed into a “major dispute” with a University advertiser.

Is that what happened to Morgan?

Stay tuned as we continue to follow this developing scandal …