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In the latest example of political correctness run amok, a high school cheerleading coach in California has been fired because she posed nude in Playboy under an assumed name.

Except that’s not exactly what happened.

Casa Roble (Ca.) High School previously told Carlie Beck (a.k.a. Carlie Christine) that they didn’t mind the fact she had posed nude as long as she didn’t “advertise” it to the girls.

The firing allegedly took place only after two parents became upset that their daughter didn’t make the squad.

They then decided to take the pictures to the school for “moral” reasons.

From ABC News:

“I didn’t know I was fired until I was sitting at home and started getting texts. The media was at the school wanting to know how I felt about getting fired,” Beck told “Good Morning America.” “Later, someone from the school district called and said, ‘You’ve been fired. Your services are no longer needed.'”

Beck said the school district never told her why she was fired, but “there is a strong correlation with the timing of when the parents brought the pictures in and when I was released.”

Seriously, is Playboy even really porn anymore?

And it’s one thing to fire somebody for posing nude, it’s something else to tell somebody what they did was OK and then fire them for it.

Either way … this thing has totally blown up all over the morning shows and a bunch of lawyers are about to get insanely rich.

And whoa … holy smokes … Carlie whatever your name is we are definitely on your side …

WEB EXTRAS (editor’s note: NSFW)