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The results from the February 2009 S.C. bar exam are finally in, and barring the S.C. Supreme Court arbitrarily deciding to throw out certain sections of the test (like they did in 2007), here are the results …

Charleston School of Law – 53.7% passage rate (29 of 54)

University of South Carolina – 76.32% passage rate (29 of 38)

Other Schools – 61.9% passage rate (78 of 126)

Total – 62.39% passage rate (136 of 218)

Please note that we are making no commentary whatsoever on these results … at the moment. We’re just reporting them.

Crazy, huh?

Even our headline was non-incendiary.

What can we say, it’s a Friday afternoon and we’re seriously just phoning it in at this point …


February 2009 Bar Results