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We’ve turned people on to some pretty cool websites here at FITS, but this is hands down one of the coolest.

It’s called Marriage Confessions, and let’s just say the website speaks for itself.

Here’s one of many hilarious excerpts:

Now, I joke around a lot about Girl Scout cookies and whatnot, but I actually am fairly health conscious. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I do loves me some cookies…and cupcakes…and brownies…and all things chocolate, sweet, or delicious. But I don’t really go crazy. Unless you count the little episode I had with a box of Hostess cupcakes last week. But I don’t count that. Everyone knows Hostess cupcakes have magical super powers and I can’t be held accountable for any actions taken that involve magical powers overriding my mortal metabolism.

Amen to that!


Marriage Confessions