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With practically every other high-priced bureaucrat in South Carolina bombarding Gov. Mark Sanford with calls and e-mails demanding that he accept his portion of the federal “big government bailout” funds, we figured it wouldn’t be long before all those high-priced administrators up at Clemson University got their two cents in.

Except in Tigertown, the preferred method of using taxpayer funds to advance an “official position” of the University is to get the students to do the dirty work.

Hence the mass e-mail sent by Student Body President Callie Boyd yesterday to her fellow students urging them to lodge their carbon copied protests with Gov. Mark Sanford.

From Boyd’s missive:

As I am sure you’ve heard, Governor Mark Sanford has announced his intention to decline Federal Stimulus funding for South Carolina. As a result, colleges and universities in our state stand to lose approximately $119 million in one-time funding. This news comes as higher education has sustained significant cuts to their base budgets and funding has reached a devastating low point.

As we’ve seen with similar taxpayer-funded propaganda in multiple other counties, the actual numbers don’t reflect the doomsday pronouncements.

In fact, as we’ve noted previously, all three major research universities in this state (USC, Clemson and MUSC) are doing just fine – even when you factor in the percentage of state funding they’ve lost.

That’s what happens when you add $520 million to their total budgets over the past five years.

On top of that, Clemson, MUSC and the University of South Carolina are spending millions of dollars on crap that has absolutely nothing to do with their core missions. The true cost of this “mission creep” is exacerbated by the fact that our state inexplicably pays for 33 public colleges and universities at over 80 campus locations – which is why South Carolina spends 17% of its budget on higher ed compared to the national average of 10%.

Boyd’s e-mail mentions none of that, which isn’t surprising. After all, Clemson President James Barker and his cronies don’t want the facts getting in the way of their fat salary increases, and trotting Boyd out like this keeps the discussion off of them.

A smart PR move, honestly.

To her credit, Boyd is kinda cute. In that “Sixpence None The Richer” sort of way, at least …


Callie Boyd E-mail to Clemson Student Body