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There are plenty of “Republican” politicians in South Carolina who can’t stand Gov. Mark Sanford, but that doesn’t mean the party itself is trying to impeach him.

In fact, we didn’t know that anyone “serious” was “seriously” proposing that … because it seems like such a suggestion would’ve been picked up and run with by our state’s increasingly anti-Sanford MSM.

Still, anger is fomenting in certain establishment (i.e. government) circles over Sanford’s refusal to take $700 million in federal bureaucratic bailout funds.

And while most of the “anger” is really taxpayer-funded bureaucratic manipulation aimed at perpetuating a failed status quo – that hasn’t stopped some insiders from getting creative in exploiting Sanford’s rift with prominent GOP leaders.

Like pinning the “impeachment” message on the tail of Republicans, for example.

In fact, the South Carolina Republican Party had to come out today and clarify that red-and-white yard signs cropping up recently bearing the message “Take the Stimulus Funds, Impeach Sanford” (with the SCGOP’s name and phone number) are fakes.

“These are NOT SCGOP signs, not authorized by the SCGOP and not paid for the SCGOP,” party executive director Jay W. Ragley said in an e-mail distributed to Republican activists. “It’s shameful politics by the Democrats.”

No one knows yet who is behind the fake signs, but Republicans are urging their supporters to “pull them out of the ground.”

Personally, we think that the signs have way too many letters to reach the average South Carolinian.

You gotta use single letters and pictures, people. Oh, and sound it out …