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First of all, we know that the “FITS” arrow in the picture above is pointing to a horse’s ass.

We call things like we see them around here, even if we’re being introspective.

Of course, the fact that we’re horse’s asses does nothing to diminish the growing gap between us and the rest of the S.C. media – particularly La Socialista (a.k.a. The State newspaper).

Take the scandal surrounding Clemson University’s bureaucratic boondoggling, which finally broke in La Socialista today – a month after we first reported on it.

What took them so long?

We’re not sure, exactly, although we do think it’s curious that the paper waited until after the legislature’s first draft of the state budget was completed before they decided to bring all this exorbitant bureaucratic excess to light.

It’s also funny how they worked the University of South Carolina into the story headline, but then spent 90% of their ink on Clemson.

Nothing like home-cookin’ if you’re USC, right?

It’s pathetic, but predictible.

The paper also bemoans the fact that Palmetto colleges and universities are facing the “largest drop in state support for higher education in the nation,” which sounds awful until you recognize that all of these college and university budgets are going up, and that we already spend 17% of our state appropriations on higher ed compared to the national average of 10%.

Of course that’s not information La Socialista wants out there.

Bottom line? No matter what that geezer Bob McAlister tells you, La Socialista is every bit as “unfair and imbalanced” in its reporting as we are in ours.

The only difference is that a) we admit it, and b) our bias is focused on letting you keep more of your tax dollars, not letting these bureaucrats continue to bend you over.

Oh, and thanks for the story credit, assholes …


Soaring Clemson, USC pay under fire (La Socialista)