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A mercurial S.C. politico is reportedly running Karen Floyd’s campaign for SCGOP chairman, sources tell FITS.

Jeffrey Sewell – editor of the website SC Hotline – has informed dozens of GOP activists that he is “managing” Floyd’s bid, which has received extensive promotional consideration from his website.

According to our sources, Sewell is telling Republican activists that his efforts will be “supported” by Washington-based pollster Jon Lerner and Atlanta-based consultant Robert Cahaly, and that Floyd will mount an “aggressive” bid that may include negative ads against her principal opponent, Columbia Attorney Kevin Hall.

“Jeffrey will scorch the earth,” one of Sewell’s former business associates told us on condition of anonymity. “And his motto is ‘shoot, ready, aim,’ if you know what I mean. If I (were) Kevin Hall, I would buckle my chinstrap right now.”

Prior to assuming control of SC Hotline, Sewell worked in the information technology business in California and Arizona.

His eclectic behavior and penchant for ascots has made him a colorful figure in the state party, although his credibility took a dip recently when he was the landslide winner of a less-than-flattering competition here on FITS.