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Since his utter lack of accomplishment has effectively removed his name from gubernatorial consideration on the Democratic side, fewer people are paying less attention to what S.C. Superintendent of Education Jim Rex has to say these days.

Which is a good thing, because all this guy ever does is spit out PR gimmicks aimed at masking the same old “solution” – which is pouring more taxpayer money into a tragically-flawed system that refuses to change.

Take Rex’s latest PR stunt, “Begin In ’10,” which apparently ignores the fact that he’s been in office for two years already and gotten absolutely dick done.

Oh well, in all fairness to Rex, “Begin in ’08” doesn’t rhyme … and rhyming is essential to any effective reform plan.

Anyway, here’s the skinny on “Begin in ’10” from our friends at The Voice:

Just days after South Carolina State Superintendent Jim Rex announced his plan for a new statewide property tax, he also introduced befuddled lawmakers and frustrated taxpayers to his “Begin in ‘10” program.

Despite two-years in public office, the plan is Rex’s first major attempt at a specific and comprehensive overhaul of a statewide public school system best known for its shameful 55% on-time high school graduation rate.

Also, Rex’s method of addressing the “funding crisis” in education (which is to furlough teachers) neglects to mention that our state’s school districts have squirreled away at least $700 million in surplus funds – $200,000 of which recently went to pay for the addition of a putting green at a private golf club in Spartanburg.

Which means there is no funding crisis.

We don’t need to “Begin in ’10,” people. We need to “Begin the begin …”

Oh, and in case you were wondering, that kid is simply getting a jump start in supporting Rex’s “Begin in ’11” plan …