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It’s “for the children,” we’re told – and specifically the “poor, black” children.

In fact, whenever exorbitant funding increases (or reduction deferrals) are proposed for South Carolina’s archaic, inefficient and totally unproductive K-12 education monopoly, we always hear the same old litany from educrats and special interests.

Of course every year, our students fall even further behind their peers in other states, and our “poor, black” students fall even further behind their white counterparts.

It’s a taxpayer-funded, bureaucrat enrichment scam that’s been going on for decades, and recent attempts to give parents of these “poor, black” students (and white students, for that matter) a choice beyond failing government schools have been shot down on the basis of this institutional self-interest.

Well, as a result every year we keep getting statistics like those published today by The Voice

The white/black disparity in performance on math PACT tests rose from 24.4% in 2000 to 29.9% in 2008.

-In science it rose from 24.3% to 32.4%.

-In social studies it rose from 21.6 to 25.6%

The white/black gap in SAT scores rose from 195 points in 2002 to 198 points in 2008

The white/black gap in ACT scores rose from 4.2 points in 2002 to 5.3 points in 2008

That’s unbelieveable, people.

And flat out inexcusable.

Not to mention indisputable, because this is official state data, not some agenda-driven report, so the haters can’t really employ their time-honored strategy of killing the messenger, can they?

What’s even more shocking is that South Carolina’s black politicians – like our state’s mainstream media – continue to swallow the lies they are being fed by the education establishment in this state.

As we noted on MLK Day, it’s past time somebody stood up for the rights of these children.


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