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If you’ve never partied in Tampa, Florida for New Year’s before, let’s just say there’s plenty of beer and boobs to go ’round, even if you’re a creepy old ex-jock like Ed Podolok, who does (or rather did) radio broadcasts for Iowa Athletics.

And there’s nothing wrong with boobs and beer, people. Nothing at all.

In fact, the last time we checked, getting drunk and accepting an invitation to look down a young lady’s shirt was not only legal, but a distinctly American thing to do – particularly if you’re anything like our founding editor, who in the interest of full disclosure was probably weaned a bit too early.

Anyway, those two distinctly American activities have now cost Podolok his job after several photos of his breast examination were posted on a rival college’s message board.

We don’t have anything to back this up, but our guess is whoever fired Podolok for this is either gay or married to a Baptist woman whose brow is set to perma-furrow.

We don’t have anything to back this up, either, but our guess is that a lot of the people who went along with this PC assassination wish they had been in Podolok’s shoes.

Anyway, it’s sad that this is what the world has come to.

Seriously, people, if anybody should have lost their job after this year’s Outback Bowl it’s this guy.


Update Since everybody in the comment section has their panties in a wad about our sourcing on this story, here’s the Iowa State message board post that these photos came from.