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We know this will likely come as a colossal shock to everybody who lives in South Carolina, but go ahead and grab your socks and hose anyway … and get ready to pull.

Why? Well it turns out that (gasp) … our public school system sucks.

Wait, what?

Yeah. It sucks. Like … big time.

And even though it’s always sucked (no matter how much money we’ve poured into its top-heavy bureaucracy), the fact that it still sucks … well, sucks.

Of course, now that we’re in a tight budget year, brace yourself for the most well-heeled bureaucrats to start bitching and moaning that a shortage of money is to blame – an intellectually bankrupt argument that the biggest bureaucrat of them all started laying groundwork for several months ago.

Don’t buy it, people.

Through thick and thin, fat and lean, up and down, boom and bust, feast and famine, depression or recession … for centuries there has been one immovable, immutable constant in the universe – the fact that South Carolina’s public school system sucks.

And still does.

From the latest edition of The Voice, we learn:

South Carolina public schools earned a “D” for student achievement (again)

and a “D-” for spending practices (despite over $11,480 in per student allocation)

also a “D-” for college readiness

and worst of all, an “F” for the absolute status of K-12 Achievement

Oh, in case you were wondering, the source for all of this information is none other than Education Week, which is funded by the leftist Pew Foundation.

So basically this is the liberals putting their best foot forward.

South Carolina did, however, receive a perfect “100” rating for its “standards,” which we suppose would be great if those standards were actually being met.

But they’re not.

While our kids continue to “make the grade” according to these morons‘ definition of adequate yearly progress, they keep falling further behind the rest of the nation in legitimate academic measurements like SAT scores, ACT scores and graduation rate.

Which obviously means that our so-called “standards” aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Also of interest in the Education Week report is that South Carolina received an “A” rating for our facilities and teacher incentives and a “B+” rating for our equity in funding – meaning that there’s absolutely no excuse for an “F” in achievement … unless of course the system is tragically FUBAR.

Which, of course, it is.

Now the question is … are we finally going to fix it this year? Or are we going to keep doing the same crap we’ve always done?

Hmmmm … our money is on “Option B.” Sadly.