The dates on the calendar may have advanced, but our obsession with goth songstress Katy Perry is truly a case of time standing still.

How come? Well, it turns out that girls who wear unbuttoned corsets with rose-patterned black tights (while singing about kissing other girls) are timeless.

Anyway, capping off a career year in which she ostensibly filled the “quirky girl void,” Perry performed on national TV last night at the annual New Year’s Eve bash in Times Square.

And while it may have been below freezing in the Big Apple, it wasn’t when Perry was onstage:

Oh, and that is anything but quirky, people. Especially not when she starts writhing around on the floor at about the 3:00 mark.

After her NYC gig, Perry jetted cross-country to LA, where she appeared in stunning fashion at a Paramount Party. Katy offered our own Sic Willie a ticket, of course, but he couldn’t go due to a prior commitment.

You know, to marriage.

Anyway, in case you haven’t “wished yourself a Happy New Year” yet, knock yourselves out, people.