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There’s a reason why everyone we’ve ever referred to What Would Tyler Durden Do? immediately gets hooked.

That’s because Tyler (a.k.a. Brendon) is the funniest person alive.

Don’t believe us? Take his most recent assessment of actress Scarlett Johansson:

I don’t even dislike Scarlett Johansson, but actors shouldn’t be allowed to talk for at least 10 years after they become famous. Actors are fucking retards, and celebrity interviewers are even dumber than that, so really what’s the point. You might as well ask your dog why he ate your slippers …

… I don’t even think she’s a bad actress, but her career is based on her tits and her lips. The interview should have just been 4 hours about that. No questions, just me staring at her tits. If she tried to interrupt, I would say, No Speaka English. And if that didnt work, I’d say, “Um, Woody … Woody Allen”, and she’d say, “Oh my gosh, he is amazing, he gives his actors such a playground to work with…” and she would carry on like that while I went back to staring at her tits.

That … is brilliant.

And it’s also why if you’re not visiting at least once a day, you’re just not living.

Seriously, a lot of people in this business start their day with CNN and FOX, but it turns out those people suck. Starting your day with Tyler and I Can Has Cheezeburger is definitely the way to go.

Seeing as ever Internet click you make is one less you have in your life, why not make ’em count?