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As much as it was our life’s ambition to kick back in white, wicker rocking chairs with rich white people – sipping mint juleps and whistling Dixie while being attended to by uniformed “Negroes” every day all day for the rest of our lives – apparently that’s not going to happen now.

Why not?

Well, we got an angry phone call yesterday from a member at Bushwood … err, Forest Lake Country Club (S.C.) informing us that we would “never be granted a membership” at the prestigious ‘whites only’ club, not after our website published stories identifying two Republican gubernatorial prospects as club members, anyway.

Damn … we were really hoping to get on the “preferred waiting list” this year.

Anyway, since we broke the news that S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster and fellow 2010 gubernatorial prospect Carroll A. “Tumpy” Campbell III were members at the controversial club, we’ve been feeling quite a bit of heat from the blue bloods.

We’ve also been feeling the heat from political people wanting us to more thoroughly document our claims. To which we can only say …

Yeah … those would be entries from the club’s 2008 membership directory, of which relevant portions were provided to FITS.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the numerical designations are in those pictures, they represent the club’s way of keeping track of when its members joined. The first two numbers refer to the year the individual joined, the second two numbers refer to what their “position” was during the year they joined.

For example, Henry McMaster was the 45th member to join the club in 1979 – thirty years ago. Campbell was the 9th member to join in 1998, a decade ago.

As noted in previous stories, Forest Lake Country Club refuses to admit blacks as members because the deed to the property on which the club currently sits forbids it.

Jews were also not allowed to join in previous years, but the club changed that policy after a similar PC firestorm in the late 1980’s.

Current SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson – who is running for Chairman of the Republican National Committee – resigned his membership this August shortly before announcing his candidacy.

Below is evidence of Dawson’s prior membership, which shows that he was the 48th member to join the club in 1996:

Dawson apparently isn’t the only political opportunist to bolt Forest Lake due to national scrutiny, though.

Sources tell FITS that former University of South Carolina Board of Trustees Chairman William C. Hubbard also recently resigned his membership in order to become an officer with the American Bar Association.

Anyway, stay tuned … there’s much more to come.


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