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SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson sent a cool quarter million dollars of state party money to six other states in the four weeks leading up to the 2008 election.

All six states went for Democrat Barack Obama, some by large margins.

Was Dawson helping the national Republican cause across the country? Or buying votes for the RNC Chairman’s race with selfish intent?

Either way, Dawson gave $100,000 to the Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania, $50,000 to the Republican Party of Florida, $40,000 to the Nevada Republicans’ State Committee, $25,000 to the North Carolina Republican Party, $20,000 to the New Hampshire Republican Party (plus another $3,500 for an event expense) and $15,000 to the Maine Republican Party – all within a month of the 2008 election.

Earlier this week, FITS reported that Dawson had spent $75,000 of party money on hotel and airfare costs over the last fifteen months.

We’re also hearing reports that Dawson shelled out thousands more for a self-promotional ad that ran during the Republican National Convention in August.

Stay tuned …