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Chesty McChesterton (a.k.a. pop singer Katy Perry) is on vacation in Mexico this week, simultaneously creating an unforgettable moment for one lime bikini as well as a perpetual state of bliss in our founding editor’s pants.

We wrote about Perry recently after a run-in she had with the faux Mexican Press, and we gotta say we’re pretty much hooked on her prodigiousness … as a songwriter.

Plus, she really does sing a tune called “I Kissed A Girl (And I Liked It),” which is sort of our anthem.

Anyway, from The Superficial:

I really don’t know anything about (Katy Perry), but suddenly I feel like she’s the greatest vocal talent on Earth. Call it a hunch. Call it intuition. Call it sheer cunning, but there’s just something about this woman that says boobs. Er, talent. – – No, boobs.

Chesty women singing about girl-on-girl experimentation? These are truly amazing times we live in, people.