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Newly-elected Senator and former gubernatorial Chief-of-Staff Tom Davis (R-Beaufort) has yet to cast his first vote in the State Senate, but he’s already shaking up the status quo by demanding that the State Ports Authority get off its ass and sell a long-since shuttered port facility in the town of Port Royal.

It’s not just that Davis (and his constituents) want the SPA to sell the property, the S.C. General Assembly actually ordered them to do so … two years ago.

From the Beaufort Gazette:

It’s been two years since the deadline passed for the S.C. Ports Authority to sell the shuttered Port of Port Royal. That’s too long, said freshman state Sen. Tom Davis. A new approach is needed to find a buyer and spur development of the prime parcel …

“Simply listing a property for sale and then sitting back and waiting for someone to come forward isn’t working,”Davis said.

Of course in all fairness to the Ports Authority, they’ve been pretty busy lately, what with running off their biggest customer and everything.

Next to Kommisar Jim Rex’s Ministry of Failure and Non-Competition, the SPA is the most arrogant, worst-performing, biggest joke of an agency in state government.

We hope Tom Davis continues to give ’em hell …