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Bravo, South Carolina. And bravo, La Socialista.

It’s one thing to live in a state that still celebrates the Ordinance of Secession, but it’s something else when our newspapers mistakenly refer to it as the “Ordinance of Session.”

The former anniversary was celebrated Saturday (at a plantation of all places) … no word yet on when the latter will be observed.

Of course, the real “secessionist” fireworks will likely come two years from now, when every redneck and his bruncle (that’s a combination of brother and uncle, in case you were wondering) will get together at events like this one to mark the sesquicentennial anniversary of the day the South rose up.

Will any of them be able to spell sesquicentennial?

Of course not, but then again it’s not likely our newspapers will be able to spell it either.

Sound it out, boys. Sound it out …