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President-elect Barack Obama is naming his basketball buddy (and Chicago Public Schools chief) Arne Duncan to head up the U.S. Department of Education, not former S.C. Superintendent Inez Tenenbaum.

Obviously, this choice doesn’t change the fact that Obama’s education policies are more of the same-old same-old (except more expensive), nor does it change the fact that there is a whole lot going on in that picture of Tenenbaum blowing out birthday candles.

First of all, the woman beside Tenenbaum is wearing a neon-striped dress that has absolutely no place in this – or the previous decade.

Seriously, lady. 1980 called. It wants its Benetton back.

Then there’s the frosting-based White House on the front of the cake. Seriously, WTF? If that’s an Obama birthday cake, why is Tenenbaum blowing out his candles?

Finally, what’s up with the girl in the background taking a picture of Tenenbaum’s ass?

We’ve heard of recording events for posterity, but that’s ridiculous.

Of course we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want a copy of that image, stat.

In fact, for those of you wondering what to get Sic Willie for Christmas …