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Despite a half-million hits last month, wicked political clout and a fresh lemony scent, FITS has somehow fallen out of favor with the geeks who compile a listing of South Carolina’s “most influential” political blogs.

We’re not sure whether our check got lost in the mail or what, but BlogNetNews has decided to banish us from its rankings, which is odd considering that we were ensconced atop this same list a few months ago before switching over to our new format.

Anyway, now we’re apparently less influential than this guy, who sounds like he’s about to die or something.

Declining health has forced some radical changes in my life. (My) blog is a way of venting about many of those changes, as well as waxing poetic on politics, law, science fiction, television, culture, cellebrity photos, and dabbling in fiction. Anything and everything can show up here eventually.

Damn, dude. We hope you feel better.

Anyway, what’s good about this snub is that it provides our founding editor with a perfect opportunity to reinforce his whole “condescending asshole” stereotype, which we’re sure our Atlanta-based PR firm will appreciate.

To wit …

“We’ve evolved beyond blogging,” Sic Willie says. “In fact, this hasn’t been a blog for some time now. We’re as mainstream as anybody, only crunchy.”

Sic added (repeatedly) that he has a large penis, makes lots of money and spends his days fielding calls from the most powerful people in the state.

“Make sure they put that big penis thing in there,” he said. “It’s still my website, right? Make sure everybody knows I have a big penis.”