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We already knew that computer-happy Americans were steadily moving away from television and newspapers for their information, but would you believe that the Internet has now become the country’s most reliable source of news, as well?

We wouldn’t have believed that … but according to a Zogby poll conducted last month, 37.6% of Americans say the Internet is their most reliable source for accurate information, beating out national TV news (20.3%) and radio (16%).

As for the TV networks, FOX scored well ahead of CNN and MSNBC in terms of viewer trust, while an astounding 88% of Republicans and 59% of Democrats described the news media as biased.

All told, 72.6% of Americans believe that the news they read and see is biased.

Here at FITS, 100% of what we write is biased, but we get away with it because we’re 100% accurate (not to mention 100% clever and sexy).

Oh, and humble. Let’s not forget 100% humble.