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There’s an old expression about an apple “not falling far from the tree,” but in the case of Carroll A. “Tumpy” Campbell III, it frankly doesn’t apply.

Not only that, we’re not even sure that the distance between Tumpy’s apple and the tree of his late father – former S.C. governor Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. – can be measured using today’s technology.

Gov. Campbell was a hard-charging, take-no-prisoners reformer – a conservative workhorse with unimpeachable character, imposing strength of purpose and an agile, at times cunning mind.

“Tumpy” is a status quo, big government hack who would probably be flipping burgers or “detailing” your car right about now were it not for the fact he was born with his father’s name.

He’s a spoiled brat with limited intellectual capacity – to say nothing of intellectual curiosity – whose career is a monument to entitlement and misplaced ego.

Personally and professionally, Campbell is a walking bad idea, which is why we weren’t at all surprised to see him touting himself for governor this morning on SC Hotline.

From the story:

I have been approached by a full spectrum of South Carolinians from business leaders to concerned citizens asking me to get involved. I truly believe the people of SC are looking for a change in leadership.

I will be exploring a run for Governor between now and the first quarter of next year.   If the feedback is positive and I can raise enough money to launch a serious effort, then I may take a shot. You know some of my potential opponents have been unofficially running for quite a while. I definitely have some catching up to do if I decide to run.

Take it from us people, the 2010 governor’s race isn’t the only area where Tumpy Campbell has “some catching up to do.”

And last time we checked, once brain cells are gone, you don’t get ’em back – which in this case is even more relevent considering how few of them Campbell had to begin with.

Assuming he is foolish enough to run, however, here are just a few of the hurdles he would have to overcome (well, aside from the fact that his brain is the size of a pea) …

*He’s Not A True Conservative

Campbell’s tenure on the S.C. Ports Authority board demonstrated he is 100% aligned with the command economic, big government forces of State Sen. Hugh Leatherman and the rest of the RINO Caucus. It also showed how low he would stoop to mislead the public about his true government philosophy.

*He’s Been Invovled In Multiple Scandals

Campbell was a central figure in a scam to funnel campaign contributions from Indian Gaming concerns to elected officials, which will no doubt cost him dearly among social conservative voters. Also, Campbell’s removal from the Ports Authority board for misrepresenting his lobbying activities shows just how far he was willing to stretch the truth in order to hang onto power.

*His Personal Indiscretions Are Widely-Known

Campbell’s romantic involvement with a certain Lowcountry TV reporter (who has since shilled for his interests in her reporting) raised a lot of eyebrows, particularly considering that his wife Elizabeth Campbell was (is) such a class act. Obviously, we’re not ones to talk about indiscretions with the media, but then again we’re not running for governor, either.

Oh, and then there’s the whole “Tumpy” thing, which we’ve never understood.

Anyway, Campbell has about as much chance of securing the Republican nomination for governor as he does securing the starting defensive end position for the Carolina Panthers, but it’s funny how seriously he’s taking himself all of a sudden.